Thursday, January 19, 2012

A year and half...a lifetime

I just realized today how very long it has been since I posted. Looking back, it was because life was good and busy in a fun and wonderful way!

We were planning a vacation, making some long-term plans, and enjoying a long-hot Texas summer. That was 2010.

The next summer was longer...and hotter, setting a record for the number of consecutive days over 100 degrees. We were reminded of how blessed we are after health scares for me (just a little hiccup, really) and my wonderful husband (wayyyy more than a hiccup). We were reminded of the power of prayers from family, friends, and friends we never knew we had. More than that, I have been reminded of the true meaning of love. Some days are still a little challenging, but nothing compared to the alternative.

Today, we are enjoying a mild Texas winter. The birds were up and about this morning singing at this surprisingly stunning day. They reminded me that I, too, should celebrate each wonderful day.

I've started it by returning to one of my greatest joys...stitching and sharing it on this blog. So, there it is: a promise for the New Year (a bit late, admittedly)!

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