Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Christmas Wreath

I have lots of Christmas wreaths. All through the year, they live in their boxes...all neat and tidy. I bring them out and hang them on the front door, on the French doors out to the Juliet balcony, and on the door and window on the balcony.

My favorite is my "indoor wreath". I've had it for years...more than 20 to be exact. Every time I look at it, I think "Log Cabin Quilt revised"! LOL! It is, in my eyes, perfect. Each year, I spend weeks finding the perfect spot. Sometimes, it moves around for a couple of weeks before Christmas. This year, I just couldn't quite decide. I like to place it where I can see it more often than not. Last night, I found the perfect place on the armoire door in the family room.

Thad and I were watching football last night, Corgis curled up near the tree with twinkling lights, candles lit on the mantle, and I just couldn't help but be warm inside thinking it was a perfect evening.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Country Christmas

I love antique malls. There is something magical about searching for and rummaging through all of the vintage treasures. Some time ago, I happened upon this wonderful wagon at a North Texas antique mall. It was love at first sight! The warm patina of the wood and the slightly worn wording on the sides and back (you can't see it; but it has the word "Sheboygan" beautifully placed on the back of the wagon). It's just so rustic Americana!

Getting it in the trunk of my little two-door car was a real trick (I actually had to measure my trunk before buying...and then convince the guy from the antique mall that it had to be turned 'just so' in order to fit). It has been in my garage ever since...until a week ago.

I'm downsizing. Seriously. Getting rid of things that I'm tired of dusting and moving from one spot to the next. Keeping only those things that speak to my heart or bring back warm memories. I cleared off the top of the armoire we use for our TV in the family room and started all over with decorating. I'm just so very pleased with the result.

I made the baskets in the wagon more than 20 years ago. The rabbit is made of concrete and sat outside our dining room window in Florida, tucked in among the hibiscus and sago palms. The birdhouse was a project my son did for a school project years and years ago. It is supposed to look like the Parthenon in Nashville, TN. (The speakers? Well, that's my darling husband's contribution. They have to go somewhere!)

I'm off to do more holiday decorating today!