Sunday, September 27, 2009

State Fair of Texas

Well, the results are in! All three of my cross stitch entries won ribbons! I will be collecting a First, Second, and Fourth place ribbon when I pick these up in late October. Funny, but I didn't take any pics before submitting the entries. I'll have to post photos once I get them back.

I know some people might think it a little silly to enter. But, when you think back to the beginnings of county and state fairs, the ladies always showed off their canning, cooking, and crafting (albeit by necessity) skills. To know that my stitching is considered among the best is a wonderful feeling.

Thad and I have a trip planned to see them in all their glory! Last year, the Creative Arts Building was packed with fair goers. It was interesting to see the number of people who were actually interested in the entries and ribbons! I have a little healing to do before we can go; I'm hoping either late this week or early next week.

Who knows...maybe I can sneak a photo there!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Couldn't resist...

When we lived in Florida, our property backed up to a bay head. There were trees and foliage. When we moved in, there was even a wild pig that lived back there! We put out bird feeders for the birds. Every morning, they would be completely empty. One night, we were sitting on the lanai and saw the bird feeder on the far property line moving...a little more than it would move with birds on it. We tracked down a flashlight and there, feeding on the birdseed, was a Raccoon Mom and 2 babies.

Now, I know that raccoons are not our friends. I know they can destroy screens on your home and make their way into places you don't want them. I know they carry diseases. And I know they can do over $4,000 worth of damage to a car if they run out in front of it at 5:30 in the morning when it is dark (imagine how I know that!). Having said all of that, they were so darn cute!

So, this little Cedar Hill design was stitched in honor of the raccoons who lived behind us in Florida.

I miss them.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I wonder...

I've been doing some cleaning...and cleaning out. I realized that my Halloween and Fall decorations are not all stored together. It's been such a treat to run across some that I haven't had out in years. I just can't wait to get them out...I wonder if it's too early? After all, the temps here have (ahem) cooled from the 100s to the upper 80s-lower 90s. Can Autumn be far behind? Maybe I'll wait until later this month to start!

I wish...

I never really thought my son (who turns 21 in a couple of weeks) paid a lot of attention to my stitching. About 9 years ago (when he was 12), I was working on a Bent Creek project called "Hope". My son had seen me working on it. One night, he said, "Mom, when you die, I want that one." I didn't have the heart to tell him, as an only child, he gets (eventually) everything when I die! LOL!

But, I finished the piece and decided to make sure it had a great frame job. I ordered purple Italian lacquer framing (had to be shipped in twice because the first piece had a flaw). That silly thing cost more to frame than most of my other pieces, but I had him in mind.

When he moved away to college several years ago, I tucked the piece in between his clothes. I'll never forget the call when he found it.